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Nancy Hanze
Organizing homes and offices to give you peace of mind.

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Some of us love organizing (that’s me!). Some of us hate it. But nearly everyone loves being organized—and that’s where I come in.

My name is Nancy Hanze, and I’m an organizer. I’ve lived in small places—a tiny Manhattan studio—and big spaces, like my current home in southwestern Connecticut. I know how challenging it is to be organized—and stay organized—no matter how much space you have (or don’t have), and I firmly believe that clean, uncluttered spaces create clean, uncluttered minds that result in dramatically reduced stress.


how i work

Whether your space is already neat and could just use some tidying up, or you’re in need of an organization overhaul, I will work with you not only to clear the clutter in your living space, but also help you adopt my lasting principles of how to maintain a clutter free-environment.

Did you know that the word “organize” comes from the Latin word for organ (yes, as in the musical instrument) and then back to the Greek word that means a tool for making or doing? I like to think of organization as an instrument of happiness, a tool for making life easier, less stressful, and more relaxed.

Whether you are setting up a home office, downsizing from a large home, setting up a filing system, preparing and staging your house for sale, or dealing with an emotional attachment to "stuff," I can help you make sense of your surroundings and fall in love with your living and working space all over again. 






Client Reviews

To prevent sapping time and energy from the creative process that is the core of my business, I needed an organizer. I was immensely lucky to find Nancy Hanze, office- and home- organizer extraordinaire. Nancy helped me set up
files and systems in my office that have run seamlessly and has maintained them reliably. She helped me attack piles of papers, organized client fabrics and materials, organized my design closets,
monitored and help pay bills, etc., until the pile – and the anxiety it induced – disappeared.

I always accomplished so much and felt so relieved when working with Nancy. I cannot recommend Nancy Hanze highly enough.
— Karen Reisler
Nancy handled everything from start to finish in moving me and my family from a large four-bedroom West Side apartment to my new two-bedroom. She handled everything from start to finish—choosing a moving company, coordinating deliveries, packing the contents of my old apartment, and helping me get rid of things I no longer needed. Every aspect of the move was well planned, and Nancy went to great lengths to make sure I was satisfied every step of the way.
— Patricia McCloskey Goberman
I hired Nancy to help me with two projects, thus far. The first one involved sorting through brokerage statements that had piled up over ten years or so. The second involved holding my hand while I got rid of my mother’s Estate documents. Both of these projects involved unpacking a fair amount of “emotional baggage.” Nancy is quiet, focused, encouraging, non-judgmental, and funny. She helped without meddling. As an example, she walked past two desktops filled with mess, and never opened her mouth! Nancy has been a blessing in my life, and she will likely be the same in yours.
— Martha Deegan